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Next week I’ll be starting the Autistic Spectrum Bloggers Community website make over. I’m looking for friends or fellow Autistics. To make guest appearances. Just contact me through Facebook. My Facebook page has message features. Each week I’ll be posting two guest spot, appearances one male & one female.

Both people will be sharing, their stories about their Autistic lifestyle. Then things about their hobbies and interests. That includes their blog or creative things. Like Drawing, Painting, Writing, graphic design, and sculptures. To share more awareness about the Autistic Community. That Autism makes us the creative people we are. We don’t need to change to fit Society.

They will be various topics. Spreading the experiences about the Autistic Community. That not every Autistic is same as everyone thinks. Hopefully, my readers will enjoy reading articles or interviews about each person. The people will be chosen at random. I hope to see you soon on Autistic Spectrum Bloggers Community!


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Hey Ladies & Gents. I am the sites owner and Facebook group owner. My name is Michelle but I go by Kristy. I was diagnosed with Aspregers Syndrome, Biploar, Manic Depression, and Anxiety. I am 24 years old, I live in the United States.


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